We offer a wide variety of digital services

We work in a process of development driven by the user to design the necessary solution, relying on our portfolio of services and our experience of more than 10 years and 250 digital projects.

Some Services

involving specialized to support implementation

Digital Consulting

The strategy first. We understand where your company wants to go in order to present the best technological path to achieve your goals.

UI Design

We produce customized designs applying the latest trends in digital design and always sealing our work with good taste.

UX Design

We focus on understanding the emotions and experiences that take over the user when using applications and apply the best practices to generate pleasure.

Branding & Communication

We work on transmitting the essence of the brands through the implementation of logos, websites, mobile apps and video presentations that position them in a unique and outstanding place.

Development Outsourcing

We provide a team of developers that works alongside the customer interacting globally with technical and business roles. The team is based in IPH’s Development Center in Buenos Aires.


Internet of Things

There is a new revolution going on. IoT is everywhere and we interact with a new device daily. We work on smart solutions, prototyping, researching on new objects and defining UI for products.