Jumbo Compra Fácil

At a Glance

Jumbo Compra Fácil is a self-checkout solution developed and tested in Argentina and deployed in LATAM.

The solution allows customers to scan bar codes using a mobile App and checkout in an automated machine, reducing waiting time and costs.

The Challenge

Reduce checkout times and offer to customers an agile solution to buy up to twenty products. To make it more difficult the solution should work online and offline.

Work Type

Service Design and Agile Implementation.

Our Approach

The first step was to understand the customer that wanted to buy just a few products. Through interviews we captured their frustrations when they had to wait too much time for paying.

We also measured the checkout times and the impact on business.

Our proposal was a self checkout Mobile App with bar code reader and payment integration.

The Results

Adoption of 90% in stores in Argentina, Chile and Colombia.