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Payware Mobile

At a Glance

PAYWARE Mobile is Verifone’s mobile processing option for smartphones and tablets. The solution offers a line of compatible readers and an app that works with Android and Apple devices.

Since it’s a Verifone product, it’s universal – almost any credit card processing company can support it.

The Challenge

Offer to final customers, through merchants, a new way to pay with the same security as posnets, adding the flexibility needed to read almost any card.

Work Type

Service Design, prototype, implementation and maintenance service.

Our Approach

The focus was to understand the needs of merchants, as well as their frustrations and emotions when using Verifone products and services. We innovated through the use of smartphone features such as Bluetooth, Wifi and different interfaces.

After prototyping a solution integrated with Verifone’s servers to allow transactions online, we developed mobile applications for Android and iOS, both smartphone and tablet versions.

Nowadays, and due to an evolutive support service, the solution offers online and offline transactions and reproduces the same features as a posnet. In some merchants, they are integrated with their core systems, ERPs and printers, offering an end to end solution.

The Results

300k units delivered with Payware Mobile in USA, Mexico and Colombia.